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Best Bread at Blue Duck Bakery

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Blue Duck Bakery café bakes an American Best bread

The Blue Duck Bakery Café, located in Southampton and Southold, NY, bakes one of America’s best breads according to SAVEUR Magazine’s May “American Bread” issue. Their Finnish-style sour rye or “ruisleipa” is number five of 20 outstanding loaves baked by America’s top artisanal bakers from around the nation.

“Keith Kouris’s two Long Island bakeries feature a vast range of international breads, but their Finnish-style sour rye is our favorite…” commented Meryl Rosofsky and Alex Rush in Saveur Magazine’s “Twenty Loaves We Love” article. Ruisleipa, also known as sour rye, is a dark, dense sour bread popular in Finland. It is baked in flat rings with a center hole that was traditionally placed on poles to dry.

The Blue Duck Bakery Café, open since 1999, is known for their exceptional artisan breads created by hand in the centuries old tradition of European bakers. Their artisan breads can be found at their two retail locations in Southampton and Southold. A third location in Riverhead is expected to open this summer. Blue Duck Bakery breads are delivered fresh daily from Montauk to Manhattan including Whole Foods Markets, NE region and Brooklyn’s Union Markets.

SAVEUR is a magazine for people who experience the world food first. Created to satisfy the hunger for genuine information about food in all its contexts, the magazine emphasizes heritage and tradition, evoking flavors from around the world including forgotten pockets of culinary excellence in the United States. It celebrates the cultures and environments in which dishes are created and the people who create them. It serves up rich, satisfying stories that are complex, defining and memorable.

Source: Blue Duck Bakery press release dated April 23, 2012.