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Riverhead man seriously injured in apparent hit-and-run crash on CR 105 early Sunday morning

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Update: 5:21 p.m. Southampton Town Police say detectives are investigating the incident as a hit-and-run accident and request that anyone with information should call the detective unit at 631-702-2230. The police issued a news release on Monday at 5:14 p.m.

Southampton Town detectives are investigating an incident that left a 23-year-old Riverhead man seriously injured on County Road 105 in Flanders early yesterday morning.

Aaron Hartmann was found in the roadway early Sunday with serious injuries doctors say are consistent with being hit by a car, according to the man’s family members. Hartmann is in the intensive care unit at Stony Brook University Hospital.

He was walking home from a birthday party when the incident occurred at about 1 a.m. Sunday, according to his mother Linda.

“They’ve told me that from his injuries, he was definitely hit by a car,” his mother said. “It wasn’t that he was just beat up.”

Southampton Town Police declined comment because the incident is the subject of an active investigation, a police spokesperson said today.

But lack of communication by police, and the presence of county road crews mowing in the area where Aaron was found left his distraut mother and uncle questioning how diligently police were investigating the incident.

“We ran into a stone wall,” Bobby Hartmann said Monday morning of his and his sister’s attempts to speak with police detectives. Police did not contact the family or collect Aaron’s belongings from Peconic Bay Medical Center, where he was initially brought by ambulance.

“They had mowers up there this morning that may have destroyed whatever evidence could have been there,” Linda said.

This is the second time Aaron was hit by a car while walking on the road, his mother said. Two years ago he was hit by a drunk driver on Flanders Road, she said.

“They caught that guy because his belt buckle was in the grill of his car,” Linda said.

Her brother said a detective “finally” contacted him today and was on his way to Stony Brook to interview Linda.

Aaron had emergency surgery this morning which doctors hope will save the use of his severely injured left leg, his mother said, adding her son will have more surgery Thursday.

She said he is able to respond to commands. Doctors brought him out of a heavily sedated state for a few minutes yesterday to ascertain whether he was able to move, she said.

“The nurse asked him to give them a thumbs up and he did do that,” she said.

Hartmann spent Mother’s Day at her son’s bedside.

“It was not a good day at all,” she said, adding yesterday marked the 19th anniversary of her sister’s death. “But I felt much better that he gave the thumbs up so I know he has some understanding of what they were saying.”

Doctors placed a shunt in his skull to keep pressure from building in his brain, she said.

“He’s a good kid,” his uncle said. “He’s had some trouble [in the past] but he’s turned himself around.”